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Selling Photography for Book Publications (Associated content)

If you're interested in selling photography for book publications, you have a number of options, including, text books, trade books and travel books.
Contributor: Alyssa Ast
Published: May 19, 2014.

How to sell photos online and make money

How to sell your photos online and where to do so

If you sell on Etsy, check this one out!

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Building The Market For A Legend -- Who Happens To Be Your Great-Grandfather - Forbes

ForbesBuilding The Market For A Legend -- Who Happens To Be Your Great-GrandfatherForbesDoes the name August Sander ring a bell? Unless you're an art connoisseur, ignorance is forgivable. But in the world of fine art photography, Sander is a legend – comparable in influence to Edward Weston, Ansel Adams or Alfred Stieglitz. Sander's work ...

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How would I go about selling my photography?I would like to sell prints of my photography but I don't know how to get my self out their, Can anyone help me out?

Posted by Zach

[display_name id="2"] Selling your prints may be a bit of a challenge, but you may want to position yourself according to your genre. Is your photography marketable? In other words, is it good enough for people to want to part with their money in exchange for it and does it depict subject matter that is popular with a wide group?You could consider selling your images as postcards, greeting cards or the like at local artistic-type shops, tourist stores, etc. You could also visit local art galleries and stores, and see if there is an opportunity.Why not look at selling your images online through a stock photo (micro-stock) agency? This involves very little footwork or marketing, other than shooting and editing your digital images.

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Good luck!

Anyone know how I can sell my photography?I don't have like nay money, and I didn't know if there was a way I could sell my photography online somewhere.

Posted by
[display_name id="2"] To sell your photography you first have to sort out what genre of photography you do. In other words, what kind, or classification is it? Is it portraits, nature, babies, commercial or flowers etc. Then you will have to do research what market is out there that would buy that type of photography. Most important you will want to find a gallery or business that would be able to view your work. IYou can even find a trade show and sell your work at a abooth. It will have to be matted and protected, but doesn't need to be framed. You will have to decide if it will be just black and white, is it color, photo shopped, and is it digital? There is quite a bit of planning that needs to go into it.
My twin sister has a photography business. She doesn't have a studio, she photographs families at their homes. She does commercial work for businesses at their locations. She also does senior portratits as well as children and babies, police officers, weddings. All her work is done digital, online and photo shopped to touch up blemishes etc. Then she uses a company that prints her photos and mails them to her and then she mails them to her clients. Works out great and she charges by the hour. She has stuided with the New York Institute of Photography as well as other places. All her training was done at home study or online. Good Luck. Look up her web site.
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