Tips For Great Portrait Photographs

Tips For Great Portrait Photographs

Taking portraits can be a fun and rewarding experience. It can also be a difficult challenge. The following are some tips for photographing a successful portrait session.

1. A great portrait session begins with preparation. Before the shoot, send the client some material on the best clothing to wear, how to match colors for a groups, how much make- up to wear and how to handle eyeglasses. Preparation precedes perfect portraits!

2. During the shoot, make sure the clients have good posture. The best way to correct posture is to touch the person lightly on the shoulder in front and lightly on the lower back. As you do this you will see that people almost always instantly correct their posture.

3. Be aware of the subjects head and hands. These are the two parts of the bodies that draw the most attention. Don't have the subjects hold their hands in such a way as to shot the entire back of the hand. The back of the hand is roughly the same size as a face. You don't want the hand drawing attention away from the face. This error most commonly occurs when one subject has his arm around the shoulders of another subject. The arm comes all the way around and dangles in front of the shoulder next to the head. This is very distracting. Watch for it in your posing.

4. When photographing newborns, extend the length of your shoot. Newborns follow their own schedule. You'll need to wait for a good moment to shoot. Many photographers charge 30-50% more for shooting a newborn session.

5. Don't pose bodies that are similar in shape and size the same direction. Vary it up some. Have the subjects face one another. Have one sitting on a chair and another standing.

Doing this creates a more interesting portrait.

6. When you are shooting people kissing - especially if it's not on the lips but, for example, one person kissing the forehead of another, don't have them pucker. Frozen on film, puckering looks unnatural.

7. Ask your clients to bring some props which help to personalize their portraits. The more emotionally attached they are to the portraits the larger will be their orders.

A good portrait session can be a rewarding experience. The above tips, if followed, will help your session be a success.

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