Introduction To Photography

Introduction To Photography

Access to high quality photography equipment at affordable prices means that people from all walks of life are now considering learning the art of photography, both as a personal hobby and as a possible way of making a living. However, owning top of the range photography equipment does not mean, necessarily, that you will take good photographs. One way of learning the art is by finding introduction to photography courses. In this article we will look at some of the key factors you might want to consider when choosing a course.


It may seem like an obvious factor to consider, but it is very important. If you are very keen to do photography then you may be tempted to go long distances in order to enjoy it, but if you begin taking such a course on a weekly basis that involves you travelling a lot, you may find that a few weeks into the course you begin to tire of the travelling. This can have negative effects on your concentration levels, and as you will be paying a not insignificant amount for the course, you would do well to create the scenario whereby you are relaxed and ready to absorb all the tips and tricks you will be offered. Take some extra time to find a good range of introduction to photography courses and then chose the right one for you.


It is true to say that anyone can begin teaching photography, so it is worthwhile to try and find out how much experience your instructor has. If possible, you should ask to see their portfolio of work and indeed something that resembles a CV, so you can really get to grips with how much experience this person actually has. Try and find out about the course online and see if you can get any background information on it.


Find out what equipment, if any, you will need to bring with you on your course. It may well be that you do not need to bring any on the first week or two, but each course is different. The course may well offer some equipment for you to use. The type of equipment will depend on if you are studying digital or traditional photography. This, in itself, will require some reflection on your part in terms of what you want to achieve with your photos. There are many online portals

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