Simple Digital Photo Fixes

Simple Digital Photo Fixes

Capturing those special moments or that special image has been made easier with digital photography. If you want a better quality image then following some simple digital photo tips will help you to produce that extra special shot. There are lot of little things that can be done to improve your work, but be experimental and try different things then assess what looks best.

#1 Decide on the subject of your picture, and what to include or remove. Try not to overcomplicate the overall picture. Try to leave a little space around the subject. If required this can be edited out at a later date.

#2 Consider the back ground of your picture. Make sure that there isn't anything in the background to distract attention away from the subject. Simplify the background to focus attention on the subject.

#3 Lighting will affect the overall look and quality of your shot. If light isn't used correctly then that special shot could be ruined. Try to use natural sunlight, but watch out for shadows. Sunrise and sunset will give you the best effects. This is one of those digital photo tips that is not always used to its full potential.

#4 A useful technique for night photos is try turning off your flash. If there is some lighting, use it, but make sure the shutter speeds are slower to let the light in. Trying this technique could make a significant difference when you take night shots. If it is very dark then you will have to use your flash.

#5 Using the proper focal length lens is important. If your lens is too short, this will lead to distortion of objects closest to the camera. Try using a longer lens and maybe move further away to overcome this.

#6 An often overlooked point is when you are photographing people make it fun.

You don't want your subjects looking sombre. Subjects that look like they are enjoying having their picture taken make a better picture.

Armed with these simple to apply digital photo tips, you can go forward with confidence knowing that you can improve on what you have been doing. You will notice the improvement in quality of your pictures and will be happy to display you work to others.

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