Jul 05

How to Start Photography

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Under the Sea: Precious ecosystems depicted in La Jolla's Birch Aquarium ... - La Jolla Light

Under the Sea: Precious ecosystems depicted in La Jolla's Birch Aquarium ...La Jolla LightOctavio Aburto is a storyteller, and the stories he tells with underwater photography will likely take your breath away. Picture a cluster of newly hatched infant crocodiles. Or a school of fish swimming together in the shape of a tornado funnel. Or a ...

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Jun 30

Starting a Photography Business from Home

Bricksy: 20 Classic Banksy Street Artworks Recreated in LEGO (WebUrbanist?format=xml)

Selecting from Banksy favorites and classics, this series of brick-based fan art both replicates and expands on familiar two-dimensional works. Professional ...

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How to Sell Photos - 25 Microstock Gurus to Follow

Http://stockphotosforcashsecrets.com/blo... I made this quick video for you. Lee Torrens from microstockdiaries.com posted a great blog-post ..."25 Microstockers I watch and why".

The blog post and video is filled with great tips on how to sell photos ...the right way and make more money at the same time.

Go and follow the work of these great 25 Microstock Gurus and instantly learn how to market yourself better

...and take a quantum leap with your stock photography.

For more information go to Http://stockphotosforcashsecrets.com/blo...

Civil Beat Wins SPJ Awards for Public Service Reporting, Best News Site - Honolulu Civil Beat

Honolulu Civil BeatCivil Beat Wins SPJ Awards for Public Service Reporting, Best News SiteHonolulu Civil BeatCivil Beat took home the evening's top award Friday at the annual Society of Professional Journalist's Hawaii Chapter awards dinner, taking first in Public Service Reporting. The award went to Nick Grube and Patti ... In editorial cartoons, Jon ...and more »

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Jun 25

How to Make Money From Your Photographs

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Sell Stock Photos. Complete Online Photography Business

Sell Stock Photos. Visit Http://GlobalEyeImages.com/SellStockPhot...
Global Eye lets freelance photographers sell photography and build a viable photography business.

How to brief your wedding photographer - Telegraph.co.uk

Telegraph.co.ukHow to brief your wedding photographerTelegraph.co.ukIf you're not happy with the pictures, are they prepared to re-edit them? Can they airbrush out that freckle you hate? You're paying a lot of money for your photographer, so it makes sense to do your research and make sure they're up to the job. Have a ...

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Questions and Answers

Can I sue this guy for making money off my photographs?

Here's the deal.... This guy hired me to shoot a Triathlon for $200, told me to edit the photos and post them on smugmug.com so the athletes could order the prints... He gave me a sign-in and password for the "company's" smugmug account so I could add the photos and get the reimbursement for the photos that were purchased. After I posted all the photos I asked him how and when I would be notified about the photos that were purchased. He never responded to any of my e-mails and changed the account login information so I wasn't able to go on smugmug and remove MY photos... Basically he got me to load all the pics and now he's getting paid for the ones ordered... My credit is posted on the link stating the photos were taken by me but I'm not getting reimbursed for my work, like he stated would happen.... Is there anything I can do about this??? Is there a way I can contact smugmug and get MY photos removed from the account even though the account isn't mine???
There was no contract and no proof other than my name/credit on the photographs... So, they have no permission from me to have my photographs posted on their link (which they're making money off of)
How does me uploading the photos to a smugmug account give them permission to make money off my photographs?? There was no type of agreement of that sort when I uploaded the pics??
Mr. Warrior thanks for not helping in any way what-so-ever.... It's too late for your advice and your answer didn't answer my question at all.....

Posted by KC
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If you did not have a written agreement to the contrary, you are the author of the photographs and the copyright owner. ANY copying, publishing, distribution, public performance, or derivative works without your permission could be a copyright infringement and you could sue for damages (including statutory damages for up to $150,000 for each photograph). If they are making money doing copies of your photos, it is also a federal crime. You can call the local FBI office to report it, then call a lawyer to file a copyright infringement suit.

Unlike what many people believe, just paying you for your work does NOT give anyone the right to use your work in any way other than viewing a single copy in the privacy of their own home or office. You, as the independent contractor, are the author and copyright owner until you agree to transfer those rights (which can be done, but typically for a lot more money).

Followup: Do not believe those who say you need a contract. It is the DISTRIBUTOR who needs a contract, because the legal default is that you own the copyrights, regardless of how much they paid for your services. This is the law of "works made for hire" in Copyright 101.

As another remedy, contact the smugmug website registered agent for copyright infringement. If they do not immediately take down your copyrighted works (or they have no registered agent) you can also sue THEM for contributory infringement. See the wikipedia article on DMCA, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Yet More: Even if you were to have a contract, it is very unlikely that your photos would EVER be considered "works made for hire" unless they fall into one or more of the nine types of works listed in the definition: "a work specially ordered or commissioned for use as a contribution to a collective work, as a part of a motion picture or other audiovisual work, as a translation, as a supplementary work, as a compilation, as an instructional text, as a test, as answer material for a test, or as an atlas..." ("compilation", "collective works" and "supplementary works" are also defined in the same chapter).

How can i raise money though my photography/photographs?

I'm going to Africa in July 2013 for a month to help build a school and we have to raise around £2000 to go. I'm struggling with inspiration because i want something unique could i raise any funds using my landscape photographs and nature/scenery etc.

Posted by Katie
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Well, the fastest (and best) way to raise the money is to sell all of your camera gear for as much as you can get, and then get a job to raise the rest.

Unless you can take photos as good as Ansel Adams/Art Wolfe/ etcetera, then the chance of you raising £2000 by selling photos in a year will be difficult.


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Jun 20

How to Get Started in Photography

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How to sell stock photos & videos

Selling stock media can be a great way to generate revenue on the side. By utilizing a service such as Pond5.com, one can profit from their creative works. I shoot quite a bit of photos and videos and plan to begin selling content content soon. I wanted to share this discovery with others too! In today's economy, ever additional source of revenue counts!

No more Common Scents; Main Street shop closing - Journal Times

No more Common Scents; Main Street shop closingJournal TimesNow, at 62, Wick can retire and start collecting Social Security. “This last winter was so ... He also said he's seriously considering hitting the road with a trailer-camper and his guitar, to travel America and take old-time photos along the way ...

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Questions and Answers

Starting photography?

1. So i cant afford a new camera, so i cannot get a new one. I just got a video camera for christmas, it takes good video but not very good picture, so thats out. I also have an few year old 5 megapixel camera, and my dad told me I can use a 4 megapixel camera we have. Also, he is thinking about getting a new family camera, so yeah. I have an ipod 4, and ipad 2, but i am obviously not using those since they are bothx like less than one megapixel. I read somewhere that megapixel doesnt matter much, just like 5x zoom. Is that true? If I really like photography, then my parents would probably help me buy one of the more expensive cams. Also, the 5 and 4 migapixel only have auto focus or something so please dont get all technical cause i am still kinda lost... 🙂
2. What is your fav thing to take pictures of? Should i take pics of people? I kind of want to, but do you print them? Like i wouldnt charge anything yet, they are like my test subjects lol. Is there like a specific pose they should do ?
3. Do you know any good websites or anything for learning?
Also- i own a tripod, is there anything else i need? I mean besides the camera haha.

Sorry i had so many questions and stuff... I am not very organazed :/ anything will help though thanks :))))

Posted by Johanna
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You can begin learning the craft of photography using whatever camera you have. The megapixels do not matter so much as the lens and sensor, which is why phones are not the best cameras to use. The zoom X factor only mean something in optical terms, so if your camera has digital zoom ignore that. And while spending more money will indeed get you a "better" camera with more features, it will *not* make you a better photographer. To be a good photographer you need more than a good camera. You also need knowledge and skill, which you must cultivate by learning and practicing. Although one answer here on this question (from another teen beginner, BTW, so consider the source) poo-poos the importance of actually learning the technical and artistic parts that make up photography, you will be a far better photographer if you bother yourself to learn about exposure and composition. You have to know the "rules" in order to understand why it works to break them sometimes. The "eye" is simply an innate grasp of good composition and recognizing good light. Both things can be learned.

If your camera does not have manual mode, you won't be able to control your exposure yourself, which is a big drawback to learning photography. But you can learn how to see good light and use good composition to make your images better. Seeing good lighting will come easier with practice, but in general the best light is indirect, like through a window or in bright shade, or during the "golden" hours around sunrise and sunset. Twilight is a good time for landscape work, especially if there is a nice sky, and having a tripod is a must when shooting in dim conditions. Here is a shot taken several minutes after the actual sunset:


Of course you can use people as your subjects! Those are the photos that will mean something to you in 40 years while those snaps of your tennis shoes and out of focus lights will be long forgotten. My favorite genre is landscape, although I do some wedding and portraiture as well, but my favorite subjects are our grandchildren. There is formal portraiture where the subject is carefully posed and positioned, candid where the subject is shot unaware of the lens, and also directed, which is how a lot of informal portraiture is conducted.

As for printing, there are some local consumer labs who do OK work, but probably the best option is Mpix.com. Just as important as the printer is your work flow. If you are doing post processing using a program like Photoshop or Elements, it is important that you are seeing the true colors on your monitor. Most serious photographers use some form of monitor calibration system to adjust the color and brightness. I use Spyder, but there are several out there.

Here are a few good sites to get you started:





Have fun starting the learning curve. Photography is rewarding and fun, so you will enjoy it for a life time. Happy shooting!

How would I get started into photography?

I love to take photos with my 35 mm SLR camera and I would love to get into developing my own film and doing more photography does anyone know what would be the best way to get into that, what kind of equipment I would need? I am not in it for money but for the fun of it.

Posted by Crystal R
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I started taking photos when I was very young and discovered I had a talent. Unfortunately, my high school nor my college offered any types of photography classes. I took pictures on my own time, read a lot of books and picked up simple tricks of the trade. I developed my own portfolio and put my name out there to photography businesses and asked if they needed any free help. I donated my time with several businesses, and although I was not being paid, I learned a lot. One thing to remember is that photography is a very expensive hobby, and you must be willing to make several trips to your local photo store for developing and equipment. Digital cameras are a great way to start learning because you can try different settings and get immediate results. You can see if you are doing things correctly. Try some practice shots, create a portfolio and offer to help a local studio, even if it means carrying camera equipment from shoot to shoot. You will have great recommendations, skills and probably even be able to get discounts on equipment through the studio. If you find one that you really like, and one that really likes you, they may just offer you a job!

I want to start photography...?

What is the best camera. A digital camera? I'm not sure but I am going on vacation soon and I want to take some great shots and possibly sell them so please help!

Posted by XOcutiepieox
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Hi, if your just wanting to start in Photography, you may want to do some research first. Study up on your choices and go from there. Just starting out...I would go straight to digital for sure. Mainly because that's where the craft has directed itself almost exclusively now. If your going on vacation ,I'm assuming you'll be primarily concerned with scenic shots. This will depend on how big you want your final print size to be. That directly relates to the mega pixel rating. The higher the number...the larger of a print size you can make without losing detail. Keeping everything nice and sharp. There are many factors to consider when choosing a camera though. If you need total flexibility....you might check into SLR type with interchangeable lenses. These will get pricey if your not careful. This would be an excellent choice if you have dreams of selling your art. Selling your photos is no easy feat and takes a lot of patience along with practice. The camera and equipment will never make you a great photographer,but a trained eye will. There are many resources on line for photography just start digging in and I'm sure you will find answers to all your questions.

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Jun 15

How to Start Your Own Photography Business

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Top 5 Best Websites for Selling and Printing Photography

Http://bradscottvisuals.com This is a video showing my top 5 favorite websites for printing and selling your photography.

#1 Fine Art America - Http://tinyurl.com/qga3h8x
#2 Fine Art America Facebook App
#3 WHCC ( white house custom color) - Http://whcc.com
#4 Bay Photo - Http://bayphoto.com
#5 500PX - Http://500px.com

Check out my photography at Http://500px.com/bradscottvisuals, Http://bradscottvisuals.com and Http://islandbeachart.com

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Mr. Goodbike among local businesses closing their doors - Gainesville Sun

Mr. Goodbike among local businesses closing their doorsGainesville SunPhotography 35, Mr. Goodbike and the restaurant side of the Sisters Cafe at Haile Village are now out of business. Sisters Cafe closed the ... It also will be making and marketing its own brand of retail food, starting with granola, she said. The ...

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Questions and Answers

Where can I go to start up my own photography business website?

Anything would help greatly. Preferably free or low costs. Thank you.

Posted by FruticoseMaple6
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Your best bet would be to start with stock photography, as you can sell a wide variety of photos all in one place. Plus, you don't need to come up with a client list yourself, as you sell your photos through the stock photography company. You don't have to pay to use the stock photography sites either, as you earn a percentage of each sale and the company keeps the other percentage. One of the best sites that I would recommend trying at first would be shutterstock. Http://submit.shutterstock.com/?ref=1825...

They have a really large customer base, so that makes selling the photos much easier. However, since they are a big established company, it can sometimes be hard to get accepted. You have to submit 10 photos when you apply, and if they like you, then they accept you as a photographer and you can submit more. It's where I started my photography career, and I still sell photos there even though I have my own professional site now. Give shutterstock a try. It's a great way to see how good your photos really are.

Whats the best way to start your own photography business?

I am an aspiring photographer and it is my dream to own my own studio and capture the finer moments in life. I would like to do events/senior/maternity/couple/family the whole entire thing. But, I don't quite know how to get started. The camera I have now is a Sony A-57. I have done 5+ senior pictures and got paid but I would like to be more professional. I don't quite know where and how to start. I am going to get Photoshop and learn that. Help please? Tips? Advice?

Posted by KassiLeigh
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First you have to have a product to sell, your images have to be good and it's not just a case of buying a decent camera, you have to know how to use it no matter what the conditions are you have to come up with the goods time after time. Your gear are just tools you have to know how to use them good enough to sell.

Photoshop takes between 3 to 5 years to learn to any meaningful depth, it's a huge program it's actually more difficult to master PS than it is to master photography. For 'fixing' images Lightroom can do that with an easier learning curve, or even Elements.

More photography businesses fail due to bad business skills than bad photography, you have to know the costs to you of every job you take on, know what your car costs to run, earn enough to pay the mortgage, feed the family, pay your taxes, rent a studio, pay for better equipment etc. Etc. And then make a profit.

All the genres you list can earn you a living - just, but the big money is in Corporate Photography, to break into that you need to network. All major Cities have a network of photographers, again you have to be good to earn their respect, but when you do they will put (very) lucrative work your way. A good way is to join a photography club in a large City, some of their members will be Pro photographers and is one way in, it takes time.

Starting any business is risky, your putting all your eggs into one basket, take your time, build your skills, build your network, learn everything you can, master every technique you can.

I keep coming back to it, but when your good enough people will start to notice you it will just happen, you just have to keep the dream alive and work towards it mainly by putting yourself into a situation and moving in the circles where it can happen.

Good luck


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Jun 10

How Do Photographers Make Money

Drones: Not just for luxury listings anymore (InMan)

Realtors in the San Francsico Bay Area are employing drone photography to market even modestly prices homes, the San Francisco Chronicle's Kathleen Pender reports. Even though homes are selling fast in the Bay Area, aerial shots of properties located in ...

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How To Sell Photography and Be A Better Professional ...

Http://www.zenologue.com/blog/11-days-to... Learn how to sell photography and become a better professional photographer with the 11 days to business peace free email series.

How to Share Content Responsibly and Avoid Putting Your Organization at Risk - MarketingProfs.com (subscription)

How to Share Content Responsibly and Avoid Putting Your Organization at RiskMarketingProfs.com (subscription)Are you working with freelance writers, designers, or photographers? If you hire freelancers, make sure they grant you the right to use their work as you see fit. That right may seem obvious, since you're ... "One of the biggest misconceptions that ...

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Questions and Answers

How do photographers make money?

I get they sell there pictures but..plz explain!??!who to, why, how do they know where to go, and what to take a pic of?

Posted by FoodLovesMe
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It depends on the kind of photography you go into, really. You could do portrait photography and get commission work for things such as senior portraits, head shots, family portraits, etc. This would mean that you do a shoot with them for a few hours, edit the best ones, give them the photos, and they pay you for your time.
Alternatively, you could be a documentary photographer. Take the National Geographic for example. You go out and get brilliant shots of nature, wildlife, scenery, or people and they pay you for the use of your prints in their magazines or website. Of course, once it gets to that big of a company, I'm sure you get a contract with them where they pay you a certain sum of money to get the shots they want.
You could also be a fine art photographer but that would be much more difficult. Take photos of your own artistic creation, and put them either in digital or printed form and see if anybody would like to purchase them. Online is probably easier at first, then to go to a market or anything.
I guess paparazzi would also constitute as photographers? They get special shots and contact magazines or the press and see if they would be interested in the rights to their photos.

The most important thing about photography is to network, network, network. You need to know people who know people who can introduce you to other people. If you want to do portraits and other commission work, try surrounding yourself with people like actors and seniors, maybe restaurant owners or new business people who will need photos? This will eventually lead up to credibility and get you more jobs. The main thing is to get your name and work out there and work will start to build up, depending on your skill level. Make sure to state what kind of photographer you feel like you excel at, and just make yourself available.

And this may be a bit nit picky, but if you REALLY want jobs as a photographer, grammar is also important. Your credibility leaks into all aspects of you, as you have to represent your work. If you are unsure of what to take pictures of still, then you don't have to worry about it quite yet! But it is definitely something you should keep in mind :]

Hope that helped!

How does a photographer make money? ?

Who pays who? Do models pay for photos or do photographers pay for models?

Whats the best way to break in?
Specifically glamour photography.

Posted by Miss N
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The best way to break in? First let's go about this in a professional manner...
1. Go to school for it
2. Try to get an apprentice job with a photographer
3. Join a local camera club
4. Just don't jump in and try to make money

The number 1 reason for these is:


you may think that this sounds cruel or you want to get on the I THINK I GOT SKILLS defense, but think about it like this:

You charge someone really low rates and then you mess up their wedding shots, or better yet their cousin takes better pictures on his point and shoot than you do with a DSLR. What are you going to say or do? Are you financially secured and can handle a lawsuit?
Do you know how to use Photoshop in way that you can get your clients pictures turned around in say 2 weeks when you working with about 300 or more pictures minimum?

People think Oh I can do that! But all they do is make things harder on real photographers or graphic artist trying to correct the ROYAL F-UP they created by trying to make a buck.

How do photographers make money ?

So I'm a photographer, I take alot of good pics, how can I use my pics to make some money ?

Posted by SAMP player
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How does anyone make money for crying out loud?
They sell their product or service.

How you do that depends entirely on the product/service and what you can specifically offer.

Portrait photographers make money by selling the service of taking the images and the product by selling prints afterwards.
Others such as wildlife or travel photographers can make money in various ways from getting specific commissions from companies through to selling individual prints.

You can also sell through stock sites/agencies.

Time for you to do a bit more research yourself.

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Jun 05

How to Start Photography as a Hobby

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Sell Photos Using WordPress

Photo Seller is an eCommerce plugin for selling photos via your WordPress site.
This plugin was designed especially to meet the needs of photographers or photography enthusiasts.
For more info go to the following page:

Close friends earn top grades at Terra Nova - San Jose Mercury News

Close friends earn top grades at Terra NovaSan Jose Mercury NewsI want to start a global foundation that will enhance third world hospital technologies." Martin is going to UC ... Martin took a black and white photography class at Skyline College that she really enjoyed and hopes to keep that up as a hobby. Mercado ...

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Questions and Answers

Want to start photography as a hobby?

I've been thinking about it for a while and I finally decided to start photography as a hobby. But I don't know what camera to get. I want the pictures to look professional even though it's just a hobby. So what camera would be good could I find one on HSN or QVC?

Posted by Victoria
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Professional looking pictures come from the photographer and not the camera. (Although that is *not* what you will hear from the hucksters on the shopping channels or the TV commercials!)

I have no idea what kind of cameras are offered on the shopping channels. They will make the most simple of P&S cameras sound like an object of marvel, of course! When camera shopping you will have three main categories from which to select, the point & shoot compacts, the more advanced bridge cameras, and digital SLR cameras. I have no idea of your budget or the kind of things you hope to shoot. So I would suggest paying a visit to a site like:


and do some browsing. Perhaps a visit to a camera store or big box retailer to hold a few models for yourself. If you want to advance in the hobby, there are many entry level dSLRs that will take you further than a P&S. But whichever you decide, get one with manual control so you can learn about exposure.

The most important thing you can do is to learn some about basic photography and composition. "Understanding Exposure", by Bryan Peterson is a good beginning. Take a class if possible, and visit your library for a few books for beginners. Lots of on-line sites and tutorials, too. Here are a couple:



Be sure to read your camera manual and refer to it often. Digital cameras are often complicated little gadgets. Sit down with the book and the camera and go step by step. It may seem like tough going at first, and it takes some time and effort to begin understanding what the terms mean, but so many simple questions and/or problems could be resolved by a quick look in the instruction book!

Photography is a hobby that is fun and rewarding, and you can learn, progress and enjoy for a lifetime. Best wishes and happy shooting!

I want to start taking up photography as a hobby -?

And I would like to know what do photographers (not professional as I am only 15) usually take pictures of? How they 'perfect' them? Where should I go to take pictures?

Posted by boo ya 😀 summer is almost over :[
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There are a few basic rules you should follow when taking photography as a serious art.

The rule of thirds is a compositional rule of thumb in visual arts such as painting, photography and design. The rule states that an image should be imagined as divided into nine equal parts by two equally-spaced horizontal lines and two equally-spaced vertical lines, and that important compositional elements should be placed along these lines or their intersections.

Placing your main subject off-centre, as with the rule of thirds, creates a more interesting photo, but it can leave a void in the scene which can make it feel empty. You should balance the 'weight' of your subject by including another object of lesser importance to fill the space.

When we look at a photo our eye is naturally drawn along lines. By thinking about how you place lines in your composition, you can affect the way we view the image, pulling us into the picture, towards the subject, or on a journey 'through' the scene. There are many different types of line - straight, diagonal, curvy, zigzag, radial etc - and each can be used to enhance our photo's composition.

We are surrounded by symmetry and patterns, both natural and man-made, and they can make for very eye-catching compositions, particularly in situations where they are not expected. Another great way to use them is to break the symmetry or pattern in some way, introducing tension and a focal point to the scene

Before photographing your subject, take time to think about where you will shoot it from. Our viewpoint has a massive impact on the composition of our photo, and as a result it can greatly affect the message that the shot conveys. Rather than just shooting from eye level, consider photographing from high above, down at ground level, from the side, from the back, from a long way away, from very close up, and so on.

How many times have you taken what you thought would be a great shot, only to find that the final image lacks impact because the subject blends into a busy background? The human eye is excellent at distinguishing between different elements in a scene, whereas a camera has a tendency to flatten the foreground and background, and this can often ruin an otherwise great photo. Thankfully this problem is usually easy to overcome at the time of shooting - look around for a plain and unobtrusive background and compose your shot so that it doesn't distract or detract from the subject.

Because photography is a two-dimensional medium, we have to choose our composition carefully to conveys the sense of depth that was present in the actual scene. You can create depth in a photo by including objects in the foreground, middle ground and background. Another useful composition technique is overlapping, where you deliberately partially obscure one object with another. The human eye naturally recognises these layers and mentally separates them out, creating an image with more depth.

The world is full of objects which make perfect natural frames, such as trees, archways and holes. By placing these around the edge of the composition you help to isolate the main subject from the outside world. The result is a more focussed image which draws your eye naturally to the main point of interest.

Often a photo will lack impact because the main subject is so small it becomes lost among the clutter of its surroundings. By cropping tight around the subject you eliminate the background 'noise', ensuring the subject gets the viewer's undivided attention.

With the dawn of the digital age in photography we no longer have to worry about film processing costs or running out of shots. As a result, experimenting with our photos' composition has become a real possibility; we can fire off tons of shots and delete the unwanted ones later at absolutely no extra cost. Take advantage of this fact and experiment with your composition - you never know whether an idea will work until you try it.

Composition in photography is far from a science, and as a result all of the 'rules' above should be taken with a pinch of salt. If they don't work in your scene, ignore them; if you find a great composition that contradicts them, then go ahead and shoot it anyway. But they can often prove to be spot on, and are worth at least considering whenever you are out and about with your camera.

Start photography...?

I love photography, but I am not an adult yet, so for now its just a hobby. Before i just liked making pictres (of people mostly) but now people are really amazed with my pictures and how awesome they are. They really think I should do something with my "talent". Problem is, i don't know where to strart something more than just taking pictures for fun and showing them to people i know. Help anyone

Posted by Intoxicated smile
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There are a lot of photographers that picked it up as a kid, that's how it starts.

The next step is to learn is about the various aspects of photography. For example, good composition, how to take action shots, how to take good photos of people, etc. These involve knowing about Shutter Speed and Aperture. What these are, how they work, how they relate to each other, and how to set them based on what you want to do. If you don't have a camera that let's you set both the shutter speed and aperture, you need to get one.

Get active in something where you are required to take photos regularly like the school newspaper or yearbook. Try and find someplace where you can take photos with someone more experienced to guide you.

I learned a lot by going to the library and looking at photography books. I would look at a photo I liked and read about how to take this type of photo.

I have a Yahoo Group for beginners that you are welcome to join for free. You can upload photos and you will receive comments on them about how to make them better. Showing your photos to more experienced people and getting feedback is a great way to learn.

Here is the group...

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May 31

Making Money as a Photographer

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Best Place To Sell Photos Online - Online Microstock Photo ...

Http://www.turnyourphotosintocash.com/ph... FREE Photography business tips are not easy to come by, so check out this FREE Photography Business Report that reveals proven ways of selling Microstock Photography. Discover how to make money with just a digital camera, PC and Internet connection by reading this highly recommended photography business report by clicking on the link above -^

Shinseki resigns amid veterans' health care issues - Schenectady Gazette

Shinseki resigns amid veterans' health care issuesSchenectady GazettePhotographer: The Associated Press. Outgoing Veterans ... He said the Cabinet officer had told him "he does not want to be a distraction" from the need to repair the agency, a task the president said pointedly could well require Congress to approve ...and more »

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Can you make good money being a photographer?

What's the average salary of a photographer?

Posted by cowgirl
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You can certainly make money - whether or not you make good money depends on your skills as a photographer, businessman and pr person.

There is no real average salary as the majority of photographers tend to be self employed.

But an estimate is around 30k pa.

How to Make Money as a Freelance Photographer?

Or just how to be a how to Freelance Photographer.

Posted by Valerie Fedion
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You make money as a freelance photographer by finding customers and selling your product (prints etc) or services as a photographer.

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May 26

Make Money with Digital Camera

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Sell Photos On Istock

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Download it: VSCO Cam has the right touch for photo edits - USA TODAY

USA TODAYDownload it: VSCO Cam has the right touch for photo editsUSA TODAYBy adjusting the white balance in VSCO Cam, you can change it and make it more pleasing to the eye. VSCO stands for Visual Supply Company, and the firm, which just raised $40 million in funding from VC firm Accel Partners, makes most of its money from ...

Questions and Answers

Should i spend all my money on a digital camera ?

Hi. My bday just past and i got lots of money . Plus i got money from babysitting so right now i have $172. Theres a digital camera that i want thats $199.99. I have a camera phone and another digital camera but i want something beter because im passionate about being a photographer. Should i spend it all on the camera or not ? My mom said my camera is fine but i want a better one. Its a sony W55 silver. U can type in sony W55 at circuitcity .com or wherever. Do u think spending all my money on it is worth it ?

Posted by ♫music♥luva♫
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Well, If you're passionate about photography, I would say, you might wanna start saving up, because the REALLY good cameras are over $300, but I got a nice vivitar 5mp digital camera for about $125. You should go around retail store websites, and find other cameras that are just as good, or better, than the camera you want and compare prices.

How can I earn money using my Digital Camera KodakM1033 Model and My Computer with Broadband Connection,Urgent?

With dreams of earning a lot, I bought a Digital Camera (not a high configured camera, Just with simple specifications) and
a Computer spending some Rs.40,000 (US $ 833.00). Thought that using E bay or any other available online earning opportunities,
I can earn something. Also I paid my Internet bill for nearly 18 Months to a cost of Rs.10,000 (US $ 208.00). But till date I have not
earned a Single Rupee using this. Kindly anybody let me know, how to make money using my camera and System with Broadband
Connection. Or else, if any of you offer me an opportunity to work for you, I am ready to work. I want initially a small money to pay
my Internet bill and not much.Hope I can get a solution here.

Posted by
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I got the same problem. Most of the "good" ways to make money with a camera seem to involve a bunch of expensive equipment, a steep learning curve and long lead times before you see any cash. Here's an idea I plan to try, I hope you can do something like this where you are. Get a cheap photo printer and sell photos of people in their finery, with their kids, people having fun, etc., on the street or at a recreational place or other place (what about their jobs) where there are people who might like a candid or unexpected picture of themselves (don't get robbed out there on the street). If you're out there long enough to develop your approach, you should make some sales. Take your equipment to an event like a party or a festival or a flea marktet. Sell pictures to people. This should definitely pay your internet bill. Also let everybody and all their relatives know that you can provide them with instant pictures of whatever your equipment will allow (take photos of their ebay sales for them , offer to handle their ebay sales for them since you have that internet connection and a camera). Get a big memory card and take tons of shots, become proficient, get known, develop more markets for yourself. Reinvest as much as possible of your earnings in more and better equipment or other stuff to enhance your earning potential, like business cards, a car if you don't have one, cell phone, education. If you can't now afford a printer, do they have public printers in drug stores where you are like the public printers we have here? Maybe you can get folks to give you a deposit for shots you will deliver next day. 4x6's are super cheap as low as 25 cents each. 8x10's are very appealling. Maybe you can shoot people on spec and see what you can get for the pictures. Try to get as much as you can for the pictures of course, but sell them all. Keep dropping your price if you have to,but get 'em all sold. After all, who could resist a unique picture of themselves or the kids if the price is cheap enough? Keep your day job and grow your photo biz part-time until you can afford the equipment etc. To branch out into event, or portrait or wedding photograpy or whatever. The way this works is, you bust your hump doing something you believe in. In 6 months , you have a system going. In 18 months, you can't believe how far you've come. The universe supports. Don't rule out the possibility that someone might give you a break. Get to know some established photographers. When they see that you're for real, they might take you on as an assistant on the occaisional shoot, giving you access to good equipment, training, contacts, etc. Hope this was useful. Good luck to us both.

I want to buy a digital camera but i can save money?

I want to buy a digital camera but i have a hard time savin money what do you think i should do??

Posted by Kℓαяαissα●•·нєαятz·•●
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You could give the money to your parent/guardian and tell them to not withdraw the money until you have enough for a digital camera. You could also tape a picture of a digital camera on your mirror or whatever and see that camera and make urself want it so much that you keep looking @ it and want to buy it that you keep saving your money. If you do post a camera on your mirror or wallet or whatever you could change the picture to a different camera every once and a while to make you want it more.

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May 25

How to Make Money with Photos

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How to write a business plan for a photography business ...

Get more help like this tutorial on how to grow a photography business and sell photos on my business apps: Http://www.problemio.com

If you are trying to start a photography business, or write a business plan for a photography business, you may be interested in my book on going from business ideas to starting a business.

If you are looking to grow your photography business and sell your photos, take a look at my marketing book which teaches you how to become a great marketer, and get great exposure for your business.

Additionally, you might be interested in my marketing mobile apps where you can get help in understanding how to sell your photos from me via chat! Here is the iOS marketing app:

And here is the Android marketing app that can help learn how to you sell your photos and get clients: Https://play.google.com/store/apps/detai...

You may also be interested in my business plan mobile apps. Here is the iOS app that can help you write a small business plan for your photography business:

And here is the Android app to help you write a business plan, and start your photography business: Https://play.google.com/store/apps/detai...

In this video I explain how to write a business plan for a photography business. I also explain how to start a photography business. Needless to say that you must be a good photographer. But even if you are a good photographer, you will still need to be a good marketer, and promote this business.

You should have your own website. That way you can sell photos from your website. Here is a tutorial for how to set up your website:

You can also sell your photography from other online stores. If you want to get hired as a photographer, you should promote your photography business as a local service. I cover that extensively on this YouTube channel.

Business plan for a photography business
how to start a photography business
how to sell photos
how to sell my photos
how to sell photography
how to start a photography business.

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Tips for saving money on a theme park visit - Chicago Daily Herald

Tips for saving money on a theme park visitChicago Daily HeraldChristopher Elliott, a National Geographic travel expert and author of "How to Be the World's Smartest Traveler," says "a lot of travel agents -- particularly AAA agents -- have some really great deals not available online." Some parks reduce prices ...and more »

Questions and Answers

Making money on photos?

I need some money to help support my horseback riding, so I was looking into photography. I (not purposefully) find a lot of things in nature/architect and say to myself, "That would make a great picture." I do this ALL the time. I travel a bit to go horse shows and whenever were on the road I'm always finding things out the window that I wish I could just get out and take a pic of. I am by no means a professional photographer, but I would like to make some money on photos. How could I make money off of photos like these? How much would I make?

Posted by J
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Actually, you probably would make more money following a politician around, catch them doing something bad (embezzling, cheating on spouse, taking bribes, etc.), and taking photos of them in the act. Then, blackmail them. You could easily make in excess of $5,000-$25,000 depending on the deed...

How to make money selling photos?

I have been taking photos for years and there are some which I think could make some money. I thought about setting up a website, but does anyone have any other ideas? I have been taking the pictures at 9MP and have them digitally. Does anyone have any past experience selling photos online? Could I sell them locally somehow?
Thanks for the help.

Posted by f1hamilton
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There's a lot of buzz about selling your photos at sites like iStockphoto.com and Shutterstock.com - plus many more.

Although it's not as easy as it once was. Mainly due to increasing competition and quality requirements. But there are many avenues for you to sell your photos.

For a free guide that lists your photo selling opportunities, check out: Http://www.turnyourphotosintocash.com/a....

You'll get some great ideas for selling your photos - and make a little money to boot!

Good luck.

WHAT DO YOU THINK OF MY PHOTOS? Do you think i could make money?

Ok so i just put together a couple photos. I am going to start doing FREE photo shoots...yes...free... Just so i can build myself a good portfolio and get more practice. But i want to know what YOU think of my photos? Would that be something you would pay for or no?

Any advice would be really helpful too. 🙂 thanks everyone!


Posted by Love being a mommy!
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YES. Of course you can sell your photos! They are not perfect, which is expected because you are young and not a professional, but you have an eye. That is something that cannot be taught, while other aspects of photography can. Do the free photo shoots to get practice - that will help you a lot. With every shoot you will get better, and you will definitely notice it. You will see what works and doesn't work in photos.

Some of your portfolio pictures are better than others. I LOVE the picture of your daughters cute little feet under her dress. Both of the pictures are cute, but the closer one is my favorite. Advice I give you based on your pictures is to get closer to your subject. Much, much closer. I love the picture of her little feet so much because they tell the whole story themselves. You took a portrait of your daughter without showing her face, and it shows who she is and the little details that mothers will never want to forget. With the other pictures of her in the grass, it would look nice to get down on the ground and shoot from her perspective. There are lots of pictures of babies looking up at a camera, not as many of them looking down or eye-level. Another example, the photo of the ring would be more effective closer because then the focus is the ring itself, and maybe her delicate fingers and manicure. Showing too much background and unnecessary hand and arm is distracting and makes the ring look small. You can't see any of it's details.

Another big thing to make your photos look more professional is to fine-tune the editing. Black and white is great for babies and bridal photos, but you have to make sure you do it effectively. First, you need more contrast in the b&w photos. Not extreme, but there are too many grays that make it look drab or grainy. Especially the close-ups of the baby laying down and sleeping. Her face is very dark and gray. Another issue with using b&w with the photos of your daughter in the grass is that the texture of the grass is too overpowering. Since the grass has so many high and low-lights, it distracts from your daughter. So if you add the contrast to get rid of the grays and get in closer, this will not be an issue. A lot of professional photos use a vignette or are darkened around the edges to make the photo look soft and put emphasis on the focus of the photo. This immediately gives the photo a more professional look, regardless of what it is. I suggest using Photoshop if you are not already, or its free imitation software online, The Gimp.

I do have quite a few favorites that I could see in a portfolio, but I think definitely get some more practice first. If you get in very close to your subjects and really work on editing them professionally, you will be good to go. Sorry I wrote a lot of critiques, but I think you are really good and have lots of potential to be very successful. Your photos really are beautiful (I like the pool portrait a lot, too!) and I hope I helped at least a little bit! Also, I want you to know that the picture I love of your daughter's feet with her cute little dress is not only portfolio worthy, but contest worthy. I honestly believe that it is a flawless photo, it just needs to be edited differently to make it less gray so that she stands out more. Really, really beautiful! And I honestly think you should try to enter it in a photo contest somewhere. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos and good luck!

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May 25

Sell Photos Online and Make Money

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Lookstat: for photographers looking to sell their photos

Lookstat is a service for photographers who are trying to sell their photos. It's a microstock agency and has a different approach than other sites that sell photos. Listen to Lookstat's CEO talk about the site. Distributed by Tubemogul.

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Tips for saving money on a theme park visit - Charleston Post Courier

Waterbury Republican AmericanTips for saving money on a theme park visitCharleston Post CourierIt's usually cheaper to buy tickets online than at the gate. Printing tickets out at home ... Fans of Pennsylvania's Hersheypark can get coupons this month at participating Burger King, CVS and Subway locations; Giant Food stores in four states sell ...Discount delightsThe Spokesman Reviewall 11 news articles »

Questions and Answers

How Do You Make Money Selling Photos Online?

Are there any web sites where I can sell my photos for free and make a profit? I dont mind them having a commission.

Posted by Sameera
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1) if you are underage, YOU DON'T... Most places require proof of identity
2) if you are trying to sell little more than snapshot, you don't... No one will be interested...
3) take exceptional shots...
4) use:
microstock sites
5) many computer magazines/websites have information about selling photos - do some research and see what you can find...

How do you sell photos online?

Posted by ajpuppypal
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Post them to a site - set a price and wait for the money to roll in 🙂

Or seriously.

It depends on what you want to sell, how and to whom.

If you want people to buy your "art" shots then sites like www.redbubble.com allow you to display your shots which people can then purchase in the form of prints, cards, canvases etc. They have a basic pricing structure and you decide how much you want the uplift (your profit) to be.

you can post them to the many stock libraries.
There are Royalty free or right managed libraries and if you don't know what this means then they are not for you.

Why not do a search for "selling photographs" or the like and see what you come up with.


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May 25

How to Make Money with a Camera

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How To Sell Photography

Http://www.marketing-for-photographers-a... Learn how to sell photography by learning how to attract photography customers. Going from amateur photography to selling photography isn't difficult when you have a proven process. This video offers one of my greatest tips on how to sell photography. Http://youtu.be/o8zmI6sTzeI

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Tips for saving money on a theme park visit - Charleston Post Courier

Waterbury Republican AmericanTips for saving money on a theme park visitCharleston Post CourierChristopher Elliott, a National Geographic travel expert and author of "How to Be the World's Smartest Traveler," says "a lot of travel agents, particularly AAA agents, have some really great deals not available online." Some parks reduce prices during ...Discount delightsThe Spokesman Reviewall 11 news articles »

Questions and Answers

Is this camera worth the money?


I'm planning to get this simple point and shoot, and this is my first camera. I'm not planning to be a photographer or anything, but I want to make sure that for this price, it has a decent sensor and stuff. I

I've been doing some research, and everywhere I look it tells me that how many megapixels it has doesn't matter, and it is all about sensor size or something. It all got confusing pretty quick, so I was hoping one you you guys could look at this camera, and see if it is worth the money.

Thank you! Also if you could, would you give me a couple pointers on what a small digital camera should have? Like how big the sensor should be, blah blah blah. Thanks again!

Posted by LaLa BlahBlah
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Yes this is a nice little camera and it has a decent optical zoom lens (5x). Sensor size in this price range doesn't matter. I think the most important part to consider is the lens. I would not recommend anything less than a 5x optical zoom lens.4x is just not enough, and 3 x is useless.
If you are serious about the quality thing, then take some pictures with the camera the first day you own it. Spend $4.00 at your nearest quick print and have an 11x14print made. If you like the looks of the print sharp and good color, then keep the camera, otherwise return it. Don't forget to always set these cameras to maximum resolution or expressed another way. Set the camera on the setting that yields the LEAST number of pictures for the memory card you have in the camera.

Good Luck!

Any value-for-money cameras for Astrophotography?

I have a rather tight budget($600-$650) so I was wondering if someone could recommend a good camera for Astrophotography. I am a beginner, so keeping that in mind, if you could give me some tips,! It would be great! Although the camera will be meant as a multipurpose camera, I have a specific interest in astrophotography. 'm looking particularly for a DSLR.

Posted by Akash
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The Nikon D5200 and Canon 700D/T5i are both within your price range.

You will also need a good tripod. Turn the auto focus to OFF on lens and camera. Use the camera's self-timer to release the shutter.

In my opinion, although the site Paul gave the link for is a very good site, the equipment shown is way out of your budget. Here is a site that is more useful for your limited budget:
Http://www.davidkinghamphotography.com/b... The "500 Rule".

All this is is simple division. Divide 500 by the focal length of the lens being used, round the answer down and then divide that by the camera's crop factor (1.5 for Nikon, 1.6 for Canon).

So lets suppose you're using the 55mm end of your 18-55mm lens and a Nikon D5200.

500/55 = 9.09; 9.09/1.5 = 6.06 so round that down to 6 and that's your exposure time - 6 seconds.

Since there is no mention (that I saw) of aperture and ISO in the article, I suggest starting at the widest aperture your lens allows (f5.6 at 55mm) and ISO 800. If the results are too dark go to ISO 1600. If the results are too light go to ISO 400. Fortunately, experimentation of this type is easy on a DSLR.

Is the Fujifilm Finepix S8000FD any good?? Or recommendations on similar cameras?

Im looking to buy the Fujifilm Finepix S8000FD and I was just wondering if it's any good, value for money ect..?


Also if you have any recommendations on similar cameras and similar prices or maxium of £250?

If it helps I am planning on taking photography next year in college.

Posted by Sazia
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Check this more for the money camera. FUJIFILM - FinePix 10.0-Megapixel Digital.
Life time Warranty (Parts & Labor).

Wide-angle shooting, a 12x optical zoom and picture stabilization mode combine in this camera for exceptional shooting performance, even at a distance. Plentiful scene modes, autofocus and automatic white balance controls make this camera a snap to operate. You may be able to find it on the Internet for a lower price.
Http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?... ...
Http://www.digitalcamerareview.com/defau... ...

While most of the cameras out there are really good, I would choose Canon over Nikon because it seems like more camera for the money. Some would say Canon withholds their best technology for high end cameras and Nikon implements their best at all levels. Before you decide, read all the text and links in the information below because it will help you know what to look for in a camera.

In new cameras, look for optical viewfinders (LCD invisible in bright sun) and check battery prices. High mega pixel settings take longer to process and may not be needed unless required for very large pictures or enlarging small parts of big pictures. Maximum print size for a 3 mega pixel setting is 8 x 10 inches. Click links below for more details.
Http://www.kodak.com/eknec/PageQuerier.j... ...
Http://www.kenrockwell.com/tech/mpmyth.h... ...

Just saw this camera at Best Buy and think it is a great camera and a best buy. It has an optical viewfinder, image stabilizer, auto focus, and uses NiMH rechargeable batteries. Read as much of the following as you can for other information and help with choosing a camera.
Canon A590IS $129.99 at Staples yesterday.
Http://bountii.com/deal-1523871-canon-po... ...

There is no one particular place to get great buys, but you may see something above that really helps you find the best buy. Click on the link in the information above for an example then search for your camera of choice at the upper left. Camera prices at this link change often.

There are so many cameras out there it is difficult to say which is best, but digital is definitely the way to go. The second source link will be very helpful as it list most of the cameras out there with prices. The following information should help you know what to look for in a camera.

What gives a camera its picture quality?
The short answer is that it is mostly the skill of the photographer that produces high quality pictures. The lens and camera are very important, but the ability to set the scene, adjust the cameras settings, and hold the camera very still or use a tripod with auto or remote shutter actuation when required is what gets the great pictures.

Lots of great camera tips in these two links. Http://www.danscamera.com/Learning/going... ...
Http://www.kodak.com/eknec/PageQuerier.j... ...

This could be the best slim line camera with a viewfinder. It's PINK!
Http://shopping.yahoo.com/p:Sony%20Cyber... ...
Http://www.digitalcamerareview.com/defau... ...

The information about my camera is just to show that you don't need the biggest and best. Just know how to use the one you have.

My camera has 5.2 mega pixel, but I use 3 most of the time because it gives great results, is faster, and takes less memory. Also, it only has a 3 x optical zoom and 7 x digital zoom. I never use the digital zoom because making pictures larger works better on the computer. This is an old camera, but everyone is impressed with the quality pictures it takes ... Like magic.

Check with the Geeks in several stores and compare prices. Ask what cameras they own, but don't believe everything you hear. Once you select a camera read all about it in the owner's manual. Just learned that my camera has red-eye prevention and correction. It also has adaptive lighting. You may be able to view owners manuals at this link, but will need to Login. Http://www.retrevo.com/s/digital+camera ...

The source links will show most of the cameras out there with prices and help make your digital cameras work better.

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May 25

How to Make Money Off Photography

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Sell Photography Services and Profit Right Now!

Visit Http://www.howtosellphotographs.org Today to Learn How You Can Sell Photography Services and Profit Right Now.

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Handshake event aims for record - Poughkeepsie Journal

Handshake event aims for recordPoughkeepsie JournalDensmore said people will be required to go through a turnstile to count everybody that comes in to prove they have the number of people they say they have to break the record. Densmore has ... There will be an aerial photography unit, possibly with a ...

Questions and Answers

How to make money off of photography?

I love taking pictures, I don't have the best camera and haven't had photography classes but I still have gotten some pretty good shots I think. Anyone know how I can turn this into a side job? Or does anyone know any cool websites where people share their pictures just for fun and actually interact? I just want to do more with photography and don't know where to look.
It isn't that I don't want to invest the money in photography classes or equipment, I've been out of work for a long time. These aren't just vacation snap shots. I mean no offense to the professionals out there, I really do try to get good pictures with what I have to work with.

Posted by amma
[display_name id="2"]

Whilist you're are looking for a job as a photographer I suggest you register with the following microstock websites. You'll be able to upload your photos for sale, interact with people on forums, where you can ask fo critique. They only accept good quality stock photos and that will encourage you to improve your skills while you're making money from uploaded work! These are the three websites that I upload my photos to!

Shutterstock -- Http://submit.shutterstock.com/?ref=4669...
Dreamstime -- Http://www.dreamstime.com/register-resi1...
Fotolia -- Http://en.fotolia.com/partner/201574399

Where can I make money off my photography?

I am a 16 year old photographer, and I am wondering if there is a website where I can sell some of it for some money. Photography is my passion and I wold like people to know about it. I have a Facebook page for it called "Blue North Photography" (If you would like to give it a like and tell your friends that would be great!). Please let me know if you know anywhere I can do this. Thanks!

Posted by Ali
[display_name id="2"]

Well we are in the same boat, i think you have to move to photojournalism to make money in photography.

How can I make money off of my photography?

I believe, and others have told me I am really good at photography, and I am interested in making money off of what I love to do. Does anyone know any places I can sell my photos, or contests that I can enter them into that are legitament and will make it possible for me to make some money off of my photography.

Posted by Raina
[display_name id="2"]

I've know local coffee shops to sell photos before. It has to be a locally own and operated one. Also you could try and sell some to the local news paper.
If you're just looking to make money, wedding photographers can charge quite a bit. To start volunteer to do a wedding or two for cost. Once you've begun to build a portfolio you can start charging more.

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May 25

How to Make Money with Photography

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Alternative Brokerage Spotlight: Surefield (SeattleBubble?format=xml)

Read the series intro: Alternative Brokerages Flourishing Around Seattle Next up in the in-depth series on alternative brokerages around Seattle is Surefield. Surefield just launched this week, started by Redfin founder David Eraker, Redfin veteran Rob McGarty, and Nvidea tech wizard Aravind Kalaiah. I worked with Rob during my time at Redfin, and he gave […] The post Alternative Brokerage Spotlight: Surefield appeared first on Seattle Bubble.

Sell Photos Online For Money

Sell Photos Online For Money. This is a really great business to be in as you can:

Take it at your own pace and learn as you go
You can upload as little or as many images as you like with no penalty
You are under no obligation to shoot a certain amount of images
It is a great way to learn and improve your photography
...and it is fun!

Sell, Photos, Online, For, Money, sell your photos, sell photo, sell photo online, sell photography, sell photography online, sell my photos, selling photos, selling photos online, sell stock photos,

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Soldier documents experience in Afghanistan in tintype photographs - PBS NewsHour

Soldier documents experience in Afghanistan in tintype photographsPBS NewsHourWhen he got word he was heading to Afghanistan last spring, Drew, who's also a photographer, was inspired to make something lasting while he was there — in case he didn't return. Little did ... They are going to college but they are also earning money ...and more »

Questions and Answers

How can I make money from photography?

Im a beginning.

Posted by DANIEL
[display_name id="2"]

To make money from photography you have to be really good. The images need to be outstanding if you want people to part with their money.

For example, no one is going to want to buy a print of some flower you took in your garden, or of your pet dog, or of your friend propped up against a tree looking wistful.

As a beginner you probably have a lot to learn - so take a photography class, or join a club, or get photography books, or check out tutorials on the internet. And practice, practice, practice until you get really good.

How does one make money from Photography?

Posted by David Jane
[display_name id="2"]

It really depends what kind of photography that you are intrested in doing. You can do many things to sell your photographs. As photography is just another style of art.

You can:

Make a website and do online sales of prints of your photos and for website use- This is the easiest and probably the most effective way of making money. Before doing this make sure to make all your photos copywrited so no one can steel them.
Making a webstie can be exspensive and hard however www.freewebs.com is a really easy way of doing it.

You can go around art shops and ask if they want to buy your photograph- You could go on prints to be able to make greater profit. However this is MUCH more effort than needed just go on with a laptop and show them, Then they can print them themselves. However u will only get paid once instead of for all the prints. And they have legal use of ur photo. Where if they bought them printed then they only have the right to that print.

You could go around market places and sell them. There is lots of sunday markets on now a days. And with more people liking photography you will probably make good sales. However most people are looking for a bargin.

Sell over ebay. However this is not recomended. Ebay takes a 10% or more share in the money made and you have to pay to advertise your object and there is no gaurnteed sell. So if you put it up for 14 days and no one likes it you still have to pay.

Or you could enter a photograph competition. This could make u lots of money and gain reputation however there is no guarantee u will win

Why not put ur piece in an exhibition? That way people may bid for your painting.

You could also save up some money and open a shop. That sells posters and prints and all of your own work can be displayed.

You can also do special events. This is a good way of making money. However its not so creative and you are not ur own boss.

I hope this helps and good luck.

Easy way to make money from photography?

I enjoy photography and use a decent DSLR, i would just like to know if theres any potential to make any money off my hobby? And how I could do it?
Hey guys, I know the information i've provided doesnt really provided enough information, sorry about that. I didnt mean an "easy" way I was just unsure of a more correct term to use. Im from the UK so there are more available ways of earning from photography (such as nightclub photography etc.) but I tend to take photographs of interesting areas and objects as well as interesting landscapes. I also enjoy using the macro settings and lens', Hope this is slightly more information that you needed guys and thanks for the comments so far!

Posted by Dunderz123
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The first mistake is to think it is easy to make money from photography.

There are many ways you can make money from images, but it depends on what you do best. Being an artist photographer is completely different to a photographer that works by commission. Do research into other photographers that you like and be prepared to invest in expensive equipment to gain the high quality images that are demanded today.

It's not really something that you can "do on the side" but you can do it as well as a part time job, if you work your buttocks off. Get together a portfolio and website of your work and like the previous post said, connect with photographers alike on the internet that are specific to your genre of photography.

Because of the high supply of photographers today, work is there but there isn't a demand like there was.

If you could add some info on what photography you like doing I could add some additional details if you like?

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May 25

How to Make Money Doing Photography

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Easy way to sell photography online

Tips and tricks to sell more photography online.

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Glen Park couple embracing new aerial vehicle technology amid legal questions - WatertownDailyTimes.com

Glen Park couple embracing new aerial vehicle technology amid legal questionsWatertownDailyTimes.combased Detroit Drone, an aerial photography and video business, which filmed video to assist city firefighters on multiple occasions, giving the department all angles of a burning building, as the Desjardinses have proposed. “As a new business guy, I ...

Questions and Answers

How can a teenager make money doing photography?

I'm hoping to make some money to save up for a car.
I have a DSLR..

Posted by ._.
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That's a tough one. I don't think you will make enough to buy a car if you don't have a DSLR, a typical point and shoot not only will most likely produce sub-par pictures but also it just doesn't look professional and might make people feel uncomfortable. You could try though, to post an ad on craigslist offering amateur photography for a low price like maybe 5 dollars for a set or single picture. As to what you would photograph, that's a good question as well. Weddings most likely won't be for you, but perhaps pets or family photos, its hard to say. You also need example pictures, pictures that will appeal to people and are of the subjects you are offering to photograph (like for example if you are offering to take family photos, offer examples of previous family photos you have taken, and same for pets, but again make sure they look good, that is important), and hopefully you have the experience to know the difference between a good and bad picture (not saying you don't, but if you indeed don't then you most likely won't get clients). I'm not sure what happens after they take the photo, if the person just sticks the pictures on a CD or actually buys a print for the person, but if you're offering it for 5 dollars then probably you will have to stick them on a CD, and make sure to mention that in your ad as well, that they will get a CD with their pictures. You could also sell prints of your photos, but that is more complicated and I'm not experienced in that field, but I'm guessing you get your nice photos onto a CD (CD-R or CD-RW) and take them to a print shop and ask for a particular print. But I wouldn't offer a service to take a picture of a plant in their lawn, as that most likely won't get customers.

There are other ways to make money, you could also try painting and other arts, perhaps going around to pawn shops and buying stuff for cheap and selling them for more. I've seen some rings in our local pawn shop that are authentic and they are only selling them for 25 dollars, if I really wanted to I could make a killing. There are also places like pawn shops around here but they sell very old things since they have been around for a long time, and those could be worth a lot to the right person (and also depending on the item's condition and how rare and valuable it is). As to where you would sell them, probably craigslist again, as eBay now is tax deductible and wouldn't be good unless you can afford the taxes (which if you make a killing, I'm pretty sure you will owe a killing), even though they get the most traffic.

Doing some photography for money.... How to report taxes?

Alright, I've been doing photography around my area for very low costs, and haven't actually made enough money to pay taxes on it.
However, I would love to start doing this as my 'part time' job, and Im trying to figure out how ....
I was oringinally thinking to go LLC, just because I occasionally do a wedding... And Ive heard if you do weddings thats the way to go....
But as I dont do weddings often, Id rather just go the easiest way possible....
So is there any way, where I dont have to fill out any forms... And can just be making 'misc' money, and file taxes on it.
Anyone who can help, your amazing!

and ill be doing the work from home and shooting on location 🙂 thanks.

Posted by Girl:)
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The best thing you can do for yourself is to sit down with a good accountant and discuss all this. Sure, you can keep records and file extra income, but there are other reasons for getting a proper business license, business bank account, and business structure, (yes, LLC is good). The main reason is for protection in case of a lawsuit. With the proper business license, you will be able to obtain business liability insurance, and in the event of a lawsuit you can be structured to protect your assets. Otherwise, all you own can be at risk. Doing things the "easy way" is usually not the best way, and you are putting a lot on the line every time you do any kind of paid job without the proper structure behind you.


Is there good money involved with photography?

Lately i have been thinking about my future life and i really want to be a photography and i want to know how much money is involved with it???


Posted by Wo!F
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This question is a matter of perspective. Its all about how you look at it, as is everything dealing with photography.

There is a ton of money out there when you talk about photography. There are a ton of photographers out there too. The really great photography jobs do not go to the lowest bidder. There are a handful of photographers out there who are naming their price for photoshoots.

There are the established photographers who make top dollar from well off people because they have the name and do great work. They can't name their price, but they can charge more than your average people.

Just for illustration purposes, we'll say that these 2 groups make 50% of the money in the industry. They probably comprise 3% of it overall. They make good money.

Everyone else has to fight for the other 50% of the money. This includes large chain portrait studios, mom and pop studios, celebrity chasers, free lance people and independent people, and probably some others that I can't think of right now. With the large recent infusion of independent everyday people trying to take a crack at being weekend photographers, myself included, the market is flooded with extra people. Its cutthroat.

There is potential for making good money, but its going to take some great connections, talent, marketing... The bottom line is that it is an easy business to get into, but a hard one to make successful.

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May 25

Websites to Sell Your Photography

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Alternative Brokerage Spotlight: Surefield (SeattleBubble?format=xml)

Read the series intro: Alternative Brokerages Flourishing Around Seattle Next up in the in-depth series on alternative brokerages around Seattle is Surefield. Surefield just launched this week, started by Redfin founder David Eraker, Redfin veteran Rob McGarty, and Nvidea tech wizard Aravind Kalaiah. I worked with Rob during my time at Redfin, and he gave […] The post Alternative Brokerage Spotlight: Surefield appeared first on Seattle Bubble.

Buy and Sell Photography Gear, FredMiranda.com

Just a quick run through of the forum I predominately use for buying, selling, and trading my Photography gear.


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Controversy is getting wings in aerial photography - Crain's Cleveland Business

Controversy is getting wings in aerial photographyCrain's Cleveland Business“We branded ourselves as Cleveland Aerial for attention,” Hach said, which the company capitalized on with pictures and videos of Key Tower and other local landmarks on its website. The startup was covered by Cleveland Magazine and two local TV ...

Questions and Answers

Trying to start my own website to sell my photography.?

Im 16
and trying to start selling my photos on a website
but i have no clue how to start one or anything

any help?
Can anyone help me set up a website?
Like someone who knows what there doing!

Posted by madirose
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There are many ways to sell your own photos.

You can buy a domain and get it hosted. I buy my own domains from godaddy which cost around $10, but you can buy them anywhere, just google domains. Godaddy also host but I have no idea how much.

After getting the site hosted, then you'll need some sort of software like Frontpage or Dreamweaver or you can use the sitebuilder your hosting company may provide.

Design the site....put the photos up as a gallery, however you like. You can add paypal onto your site as a shopping cart to sell your photos.

If you do not wish to go all into the whole web design, there are many sites out there which you can upload your photos to sell. Mind you there are fees. Either a monthly or yearly fee. I know that with paypal there is a fee, but you only get charge a certain % when you sell a product.

Websites which you can sell your photos on are...cafepress.com etsy.com (to sell stock images) shutterstock.com etc.. Google "sell photos" you'll come up with alot of searches of websites to sell your photos.

Please keep in mind, there is a yearly fee to buying a domain and depending where you get hosted there is a monthly or it can be a yearly hosting fee. I can't help you on much on hosting fees as I host my own websites.

Whats a good Photography selling website?

Im not talking about the stock photos sites like istockphoto. I mean real photography. Where can i make some good extra money on a free site selling my photography?
Im not saying istockphoto is fake photography. I never said that. Im just saying they use if for a completely different purpose than what i want. But thanks for the answers.

Posted by nickyboi
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The only ways to sell photos online that I know of is through ebay (prints), zazzle (printed on products - mugs, t-shirts, mouse pads) and of course the, according to you, ''unreal'', ''fake photography'' microstock and traditional stock agencies. I sell 30+ stock photos a day making a steady monthly income on the following sites:

Shutterstock -- Http://submit.shutterstock.com/?ref=4669...
Dreamstime -- Http://www.dreamstime.com/register-resi1...
Fotolia -- Http://en.fotolia.com/partner/201574399
Bigstockphoto -- Http://www.bigstock.com/?refid=tmvNJ1XKG...

So when you get tired of selling ''real photography'' I suggest you also try these sites.

A good website to sell my photography? (preferably digitally)?

Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone could help me here.

I do a lot of photography, and thought it would be good to start selling off some of it. I was wondering if anyone knew of any websites that allow people to sell their photography digitally (preferably) or at least organizes prints and simply takes the money to print from your profits.

I'm really not looking for deviantART, but something pretty much only photography.

Posted by crash.plague
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Personally I have not had any luck selling photo online. But everyone have different experiences.

You can go check out some microstock websites like:
istock.com or dreamstime.com. Microstock photos sell for pennies and you only get a fraction of that. So if you choose microstock you may want to have alot of photos (somewhere close to at least 500 to start off, but any number is fine) that are good for commercial use. The more photos you have the more you will sell on microstock. Also, you may want to read the 'terms and conditions' page before signing up because some sights will not allow you to sell your photos anywher else including as prints in and around town.

Another good place is, of course, your own website. But that takes alot of work to bring in traffic and it can get expensive to create a website.

For mor info visit Http://www.photopreneur.com . They have many tips on how and where to sell your photos online.

To go away from online sources to sell try looking into selling your work at local galleries. You can also look into framing your prints and displaying them in local shops like coffe shops and restaurants or even government buildings. Most places will be happy to display your photos. They look at as free art and sometimes you can get sales from it. But the most important thing is that it gets your name and your work out there.

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May 25

Selling Photographs Online

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Real Estate Photography – a Guide to Getting Started (DigitalPhotographySchool)

Photography has never been more important to selling real estate than it is today. The markets are heating up again and demand for real estate creates demand for photography. This is good news to photographers, but like any business, there is plenty of competition. If you are new to real estate and architecture photography, here […] The post Real Estate Photography - a Guide to Getting Started by Charlie Borland appeared first on Digital Photography School.

Sell Your Photos Online

Selling your professional wedding photos online is easy with OneClickWedding.com
If you are a professional wedding photographer, watch this video to learn more about what OneClickWedding can do for you and your customers.

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EXCHANGE: Realtor's drone offers bird's-eye view - Fairfield Citizen

EXCHANGE: Realtor's drone offers bird's-eye viewFairfield CitizenADVANCE FOR USE SUNDAY, MAY 25 AND THEREAFTER - In this April 29, 2014 photo, Mark Monge demonstrates the use of his drone he uses to photograph homes for his work as a realtor for Jim Maloof Realty in Peoria, Ill. Monge, who sells homes with ...and more »

Questions and Answers

Sell photographs online?

I heard of some people that made some good money selling their photographs online
I got a Canon 400D about 4-5 years now and I'm pretty into it.
I would like to sell some of my work online to make some cash and see if i could do well in the professional business.

My REAL question is does anyone know some good,safe and popular websites to do that?
I'm looking to sell licenses.

Posted by Alice
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Are you looking to sell prints or licenses.

For prints there are a lot of sites like Deviantart, etsy, etc..

For licensing there are sites like istockphoto.com.

How can I sell photographs online easily?

Hi, my name is Emelia and I am an amateur photographer, who is looking to make money off of her prints. I was wondering how I could sell my prints easily online. I am a student, so I spend allot of time working on schoolwork. I also am still a teenager and am kind of young, so I'm worried I might forget to send out a print if I open an Etsy shop. So I was wondering how I could sell things without me having to order a print and than have it sent to me so I can send it to a buyer, but instead cut out the middle man and have the prints sent automatically and straight from the printing company.

Is there a website that I could do this on? My website is emeliaphotography.com, if you would like to legitimize my question.

Thanks for the help!
I'm not looking for a critique, Andy W.
I just wanted an answer, and thanks for not giving me one.

Posted by Emelia Lennon
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"How can I sell photographs online easily?"

You can't. It is not easy to sell photography these days.

If you just want to post and forget them then use redbubble or similar sites where they do the printing/shipping etc and you get a cut.

BUT, to sell your work you need to have shots which are marketable, You currently don't.
For instance, who on earth do you think would buy something like this
or this

This is the sort of standard your work needs to be to get any sort of decent sales - Http://photo.net/gallery/photocritique/f...

Sell photos online free?

Any websites which i can sell my photographs online for free?

Posted by Hjhghj H
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you may sell pictures online through microstock agencies

I've tried most of those listed here:

my best earners are shutterstock (first place), fotolia (second place) and dreamstime (third place)

it may seem that microstock sites like these sell pics at very low prices, but what counts is quantity, you will sell the same pictures many times as royalty free, and - unless you choose esclusivity - you can even sell the same pics at more sites

in total I earn about 500$/month with a few hundred pictures online but the more you upload the more you sell

1) On Shutterstock you must pass an initial test after registration, but it's really worth the effort since it sells quite more than all the other sites including fotolia;

some suggestions to pass your initial test on shutterstock:
- choose your 10 best pictures carefully; at least 7 of 10 must be accepted;
- inspect them at 100%: there should be no noise or other defects; edit your pictures to remove defects;
- reduce your initial pictures at little more than 4 Megapixels (e.g. About 2400x1800 pixels is more than enough); by reducing pictures noise and other defects are reduced as well;
- always save .jpg at highest quality/lowest compression when editing; for your next shots, set your camera at higher resolution / lowest compression / best quality;
- choose a variety of subjects for your initial 10 pictures;

good luck! After you pass the initial test, it's not so difficult to get your next pictures accepted; and sales are very good

2) On Fotolia there's no initial test to pass, but sales are a little slower - but still good;

I would suggest to register to both ShutterStock and Fotolia; the other sites on the list are only selling some pictures now and then for me: maybe it's not worth your time; you may decide to subscribe later on

don't be discouraged by initial rejections, you will quickly learn which pictures they want

subscription to all is free

they will pay you with PayPal or MoneyBookers (or even cheque but it takes more time)

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