Mar 09

New Stock Photos from Colin Radford: Multicultural People

Colin Radford has just released a new set of People photos. Our world is becoming a multicultural melting-pot of people from all different races, ethnic groups and cultural backgrounds. Young or old, black or white, educated or not - each has a unique story to tell of their life and culture. You can read the full lightbox post here for full details and all the images.

Mar 01

New Photos of Aboriginal Communities NT

Aboriginal Communities NT is a new photo lightbox that's been getting a lot of attention recently. Remote Aboriginal communities are spread right across the Northern Territory - in bushland and along the coast in Arnhem Land, in the central deserts and offshore islands. The small townships are dynamic areas with inhabitants who look after vast tracts of land as part of their traditional indigenous commitments. Outstations are at the heart of these land management obligations and essential for continuing culture. You can read the lightbox post here for full details and all the images.

Feb 21

New Photography by Howard Birnstihl: People

People is a new photo lightbox that's been getting a lot of attention on our stock library. Every person is unique and that fact is clearly demonstrated in this group. Oldies, kids, couples, life histories, people at work painting, dancing, sifting for food in the river, relating to each other, mixing the generations You can read the original post here and see all the images.

Feb 17

Aboriginal Youth Stock Photography

Aboriginal Youth is a new lightbox of People images by David C Hancock. Young Aboriginal people have a varied upbringing. They participate in ceremonies from a very young age, learning how to dance and play music, as well as being taught stories about tribal history and responsibilities. Much of their time is spent outdoors learning how to gather bush tucker and hunt. Check out the complete lightbox here to view all the images.

Jan 19

New Aboriginal Rangers Female Pictures

David C Hancock has just posted a new lightbox of People stock photos. Female Indigenous rangers undertake a variety of land management work and are often involved with the collection and cultivation of native foods and seeds. Aboriginal female rangers are also deeply involved with education and scientific programs. Check out Aboriginal Rangers Female here(Original post)

Jan 18

Interesting Characters Photography

Characters is a new set of People photos by Howard Birnstihl. You and I are personalities whereas the rest of society are characters...and what fascinating characters they are too. Spruikers cajoling, musos amusing, old fellas feeding gulls in the park, mechanics fiddling, clowns making up, mums mothering, models posing, toffee-nosed toffs toffing, fortune tellers telling and oldies doing all those things that oldies do. And more. Check out the main post here for full details and all the images.