Mar 08

Here’s some more New Zealand South Island photos from Alf Manciagli

New Zealand South Island is a new photo gallery that's been getting a lot of attention on our site. Images of the Southern Island of New Zealand, Mount Cook, Milford Sound, Queenstown, Glenorchy, forests, adventure, Coronet Peak, Shotover river, shot over jet boat, fern, beach, sunrise, sunset, million dollar view, Arrowtown, dart river, Arrow river. You'll find the lightbox here for full details and all the images.

Mar 06

Kimberley, Australia Photos

Kimberley, Australia is a new set of Landscape images by Michael WILKINS. The Kimberley region of northern Australia is an ancient and beautiful landscape of rich red earth, endless blue sky, spectacular rocky gorges and unique boab trees. During the wet season from November to April many roads are impassable, and for the remainder of the year the rivers and waterfalls slice through the gorges, attracting visitors from all parts of the world. You can read the original post here for full details and all the images.

Mar 04

Kakadu in the Wet Season – A New Photo Set from David C Hancock

David C Hancock has just posted a new lightbox of Landscape stock photos. When the wet season comes to northern Australia around Christmas time, Kakadu National Park is very hard to get around by vehicle. Rain pours off the escarpment and fills the creeks and rivers to overflowing - they flood the plains and the otherwise dry landscape is inundated with moisture. This is a period of renewal, when the country recovers from seven months of dry, hot weather. Trees flower and fruit and it is a time of plenty for all creatures including animals and mankind. View the complete lightbox here for full details and all the images.

Mar 02

New Photos from Jeremy Wood: Otways and Apostles

Otways and Apostles is a new set of Landscape stock images that's been getting a lot of attention on our website. The Otways have one of the wettest climates in southern mainland of Australia. There are many waterfalls and dense forests. Cape Otway Lighthouse is one of our oldest. A bit further west the Shipwreck Coast has a famous series of cliffs, gorges and sea stacks. The '12 Apostles' being the most famous, even though there were never 12 and there are now really only 8. The whole area continues to erode relatively quickly, in 1990 'London Bridge' collapsed. You'll find the main post here for full details and all the images.

Feb 17

Australian Scenic Stock Images

Howard Birnstihl has just posted a new set of stock images. Australian landscape from the bush to the beach, deserts to mountains. Rolling hills, bush tracks, wide open spaces, patterns in the sand, the dappled light of the forest. Couples strolling open beaches and sunny leafy glades. Snowy highlands, rolling hills, moonlit bays, bush shacks, meandering highways and byways. View the original set of Scenics photos here