Mar 02

New Skyscapes Pictures

Skyscapes is a new photo lightbox that's been getting a lot of attention this week. What is a landscape without a sky? Blue skies, thunderous gloom, bushfire haze, signs of rain, cloud carpet from above, brilliant rainbows and sunsets, fireworks and dust. Cumulus, stratus, cirrus and all the combinations. Amazing colours, patterns & textures. You can read the main post here and see all the images.

Feb 22

New Photos from David C Hancock: Large Feral Animals Australia

Large Feral Animals Australia is a new set of Environment stock images that's been getting a lot of attention on our stock library. Over the past 200 years a number of very large animals have been introduced to northern Australia that create significant damage, especially to the fragile wetlands of the Top End. Animals such as buffalo and pigs are nearly impossible to eradicate in floodplain and wetland areas while camels, donkeys and horses flourish in the drier parts of the north. View the lightbox here to see all the images.

Feb 17

The Remarkable Rocks, South Australia – A New Photo Lightbox from Christina Jablonski

Christina Jablonski has just posted a new set of Environment photos. The Remarkable Rocks are one of the great attractions of Kangaroo Island in South Australia. Balanced on the cliff top by the Great Australian Bight, those granite rocks acquired their strange surreal shapes because they were exposed to the harsh southern winds and rains for millenia. A species of red lichens grows on the rocks mostly on the ocean side of the cliff and give them the orange colour. You can read the complete lightbox post here for full details and view all the images.

Jan 18

Here’s some more Symbolic Environments photos from Howard Birnstihl

Symbolic Environments is a new set of Environment images by Howard Birnstihl. Extensive range of environments including natural and man-made. Beaches, forests, country towns, urban and suburban, crowds, solitude, the wild and the sublime. Affluent and poor, old and new,with an emphasis on the symbolic. Skies, roads, footprints, tracks, the bush, the land all showing the effects of time and the weather. Check out the complete lightbox here to view all the images.