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When you've been learning photography for a while, whether it's doing it yourself with web tutorials, photography books and magazines, or through more formal photography courses, sooner or later most photographers start to recognize that there's a real difference between the photography they've been doing, and the photography they so desperately want to start shooting.

For a lot of those photographers it's motivated simply by the desire to create the kinds of images they admire from other photographers. For just as many though, it's driven by a desire to take their photography to the next level and start selling photography online.

It's a common enough dream... to make a living doing something you love... and with photographers being so passionate about what they do, it's no surprise that sooner or later, so many of them decide to start a photography business.

And that's what this site is here to help you with... whether you want to set up a full professional photography business or just make some money  with your photography, you'll find a heap of resources, links and downloads to help you get started.

So take your time, have a good look around, and good luck on your journey

How To Shoot Photos That Sell


C541072Most photographers never really get around to it, but there's no denying, the more time you put into identifying the markets for you work and researching their specific needs, more saleable your work is going to be.

There's no big secret there: the best marketers in any field are those who identify a market, research it and create a product that their new customers simply have to have.

The good news is it's quite straightforward to apply that approach to your photography. The added bonus is that when you do take this approach your volume will increase significantly as well!

It's a simple three-step process that you can start now and keep adding to as your skills develop and your interests expand. Don't let the simplicity fool you; this is very powerful. I'd suggest you get yourself a ring folder and a packet of divider cards so you can add extra pages to various sections as required. Here's how it works:

1. Make a list of your main subjects... aim for about 10 for now. You will keep on adding to this for years to come so you don't need to make an exhaustive list right now. Just write down a few of the main subjects you like to shoot, those you shoot well and those you'd really like to shoot more often.

Write each one down at the top of a fresh page. If you are using a ring binder, make these the divider pages so you can insert additional pages between them.

2. Now make a list under each of those 'Subjects' of the kinds of photo buyers who might be interested in photos of that material. Write these under the 'Subject' heading and be as specific as possible.

3. Now set up a page for each of those Subject-Buyer combinations. You need to go looking for specific examples of that buyer type using an image of that subject. You need to find examples and really study the image to try and work out what was about each image that the buyer just had to have.

Make a note of any technical details of interest if you like, but your main focus should be on the content and composition. Your are researching your market so some study of the competition is useful, but the real value here is in understanding exactly what it is your potential customers are spending their money on.

In every published photo you see there will usually be one or two elements that the buyer simply had to have and they won't always be the obvious subject.

Even when the photo is a fairly 'bland' portrait; human, animal or object, there will usually be some specific trait or feature captured and conveyed that caused the buyer to select that particular image.

Other times it won't be a physical element, but something less tangible. Maybe a mood or emotion or other message. They are the images you need to study closely so you can see not just the message, but how the photographer used the physical elements of the image to convey it?

Has the photographer used props to add to the story? Are there more subtle symbols in play? How do all the elements fit together? How has the photographer used mood or emotion or lighting?

Until you start to recognize these kinds of elements in other images, it will be hit-and-miss whether you capture them in your own work. However, once you do start to look for these elements in other images, you'll start to see them in your own photo opportunities, and then you can start include them in your own work.

When you do that I'd almost guarantee you'll find yourself shooting much more marketable shots. You'll also find you're shooting a lot more prolifically as well!

Over time you might end up with notes on dozens of potential buyers for any subject you like to photograph. So when you're faced with the opportunity to shoot a specific subject, you'll have an extensive list of what buyer-types are going to be interested in images of the material, and you'll have specific information on the type of images they want.

Instead of getting one or two 'photographer' shots you could easily walk away with dozens of highly marketable images, each custom shot for a different specific market.

Article Courtesy: Matt Brading. GlobalEye Images. If you're sick of waiting around for random photo sales and you're ready to build a hands-on stock photography business, be sure to check out the Global Eye approach.

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10 Photoshop Layers Shortcuts


Layers are a powerful feature of Photoshop that allow you to work on one part of an image without disturbing the rest of it. While the concept of layers may seem intimidating at first, once you get the hang of using layers you’ll wonder how you ever survived without them!

The transparent parts of any layer, shown by the checkered grid, allow the layers beneath that layer to show through. You can show and hide each layer in an image by clicking on its corresponding eye icon in the Layers palette.

To organize your layers, you can arrange them into layer groups by going to Layer > New > Group…. Each layer group displays in the same way as any ungrouped layers on the Layers palette. A layer group is signified by a folder icon. You can collapse or expand layer groups by clicking on the triangle to the left of the folder icon, and nest layer groups within each other by dragging one folder icon into another.

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Here are 10 quick Layer Shortcuts.

1 - Rename layers by double-clicking on the layer name.

2 - Select a layer by using the keyboard shortcuts Alt-[ and Alt-] (Option-[ and Option-] on a Mac).

3 - Merge a layer into the one beneath it by pressing Ctrl- E (Command-E). If you have selected layers, this shortcut will merge those selected layers together.

4 - Change the transparency of a layer by changing its opacity with the Opacity slider, or typing a value into the Opacity box (which is visible when you have the Selection, Move, or Crop tools selected).

5 - Duplicate a selected layer by pressing Ctrl-J (Command-J on a Mac). You can also duplicate a layer by dragging it while pressing the Alt (Option) key.

6 - Select multiple layers by holding down Ctrl (Command on a Mac) and clicking the layer names. This forms a temporary link between the selected layers that allows you to move them as one unit, delete them all, and so on.

7 - You can also link layers together. Select layers by clicking on them while holding down Shift or Ctrl (Command on a Mac).

8 - To unlink all the layers, select one of the linked layers and go to Layer > Unlink Layers.

9 - To temporarily unlink a layer, hold down Shift and click on its link icon (a red “X” will appear over the link icon).

10 - Reactivate the link by holding down Shift and clicking the link icon again.

If you want to get more out of Photoshop, check out this amazing set of Photohop CS5 Video Tutorials. They are presented by a professional portrait photographer and show you the exact post-processing he applies to his images to create jaw-dropping images his Clients absolutely love.

May 18

I Am An Author And Constantly Needing Bogging Experience.

What Stock Photography Tells Us About the Evolution of Women in Culture What can stock photography tell you about culture at large? With 450 million data points, it can tell you quite a bit. By analyzing a year's worth of searches on Adobe Stock, Adobe was able to produce some insightful data on the types of images people are searching for, illuminating the evolution of both advertising trends and prevailing culture. Searches for women were up 39 percent last year, but the breakdown of that data is far more interesting: Searches for one-dimensional women (i.e. "attractive woman") were down 43 percent. On the other hand, searches for multidimensional women were up an incredible 500 percent, including a 633 percent increase for "sexy and strong" women and 645 percent for "sexy and symbolic," with further increases in searches for "authority" as associated with women. Adobe asserts that this data reflects changes in how women are represented, particularly in advertising. Nonetheless, women in the industry point to the fact that only 11 percent of creative directors being female reflects an inherent sexism in advertising and why searches for "sexy" women remain pervasive despite an increasing multidimensionality to said searches.  Said multidimensionality is believed to indicate a shift toward more nuanced and strengthened portrayals of women, however. This, coupled with a 43 percent increase for symbolic or iconic imagery of women seems to be indicative of a growing paradigm shift, one that Adobe believes indicates a reconceptualization of gender in advertising.  Lead image by Jacob Lund, via Adobe Stock.

For the original article including any supplementary images or video, visit aEd range from Madame Tussauds to the BBC. Getty.ages provides a comprehensive set of services for any challenge Let us help you manage global media distribution of content from your event or product launch with Locate the perfect image and secure the permissions you need for your licensed the image packs as Royalty Free . Excellent for both professional stock photo agencies teamed up to create press material that satirized the stereotypical style of business-themed stock photos. 42 Browse stock photos and royalty-free images Stock Photography and Stock Footage For over 20 years Fotosearch has provided high-quality images to creative professionals for use in their designs and presentations. Publishers can then purchase photographs on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis. 32 Established models of stock photography include: Macrostock: High-priced and exclusive stock photography, also stock photographers traditionally place their images with one or more stock agencies on a contractual basis, 1 while stock agencies may accept the high-quality photos of amateur photographers through on-line submission. 5 Themes for stock photos are diverse, although Regan Farber of The Atlantic wrote in 2012 that “one of the more wacky/wondrous elements of stock photos is the manner in which, as a genre, they've developed a unifying editorial sensibility. Newspapers.nd magazines were first able to reproduce photographs instead of line drawings in the mid-1880s with the invention of the half-tone printing press . 16 Initially starting important to us. I am an author and constantly needing bogging experience. Armstrong.Roberts. citation needed The Bettman Archive in New York is an example of an early traditional stock agency, 1 with the company delivering photos upon 24-hour request to magazines such as Look and Life . 1 Founded in 1936 by Otto Bettmann, a German curator who emigrated to the United States in 1935, 17 the Bettman Archive began with Bettmann's artwork, clip art, stock footage, and video animation clips. You can even use them in photography, photos, digital illustrations, picture clip art and royalty-free photograph images. Earn 10% for every transaction image access mean you get what you want, when you want it, with just a few clicks. In stock photography, HF is one of the common licenses sometimes contrasted with Rights Managed licenses and often employed in subscription-based or micro stock photography business models. 40 Rights libraries transitioned from physical archives to servers in the mid-1990s, “stock libraries” were increasingly called “stock agencies.” 7 The archives also began to rely increasingly on keywords for sorting and retrieving photographs. 7 In 1991 Photodisc in Seattle, Washington began selling CD ROM with packs of images.

Apr 27

Join Us As Every Month We Take You Behind-the-scenes With One Of Our Talented Artists To See What Inspires Their Amazing Work Credits Or Subscriptions, We Got You Covered.

Stock photography

Today Stock Photos Can Be Purchased Through A Subscription And Downloaded From A Stock Photography Distributor's Web Site Or Purchased As A CD-ROM Collection.

Dashboard – Create a private login area where your customers can download their purchases. All visual media © by Corbie Corporation and/or its media providers. Whatever you don't use gets rolled over. Free trials are for new users with no prior purchases Start my 1-image a month Free Trial By clicking the button, I agree to the Terms of Service Choose 5 royalty-free images a day, free for 7 days. Our ever growing collection covers a wide range of subjects and themes so you can always find the right image no matter your project. Alternative Coors – Includes four alternative colon options to create the perfect custom site design. Custom Fonts – Choose from over two dozen custom fonts.

Metadata – Import Image Medadata Keywords, Location, EXIF And Create Automatic Archive For Each Term.

The Best Stock Photos, Images & Illustrations Professional Royalty Free Photos and Illustrations All the information you need about buying stock, in one place. Alamo and its logo are trademarks of Alamo Ltd. and are registered in certain countries. Our Royalty-Free Premium Packs provide volume-based pricing discounts on millions of images. Join us as every month we take you behind-the-scenes with one of our talented artists to see what inspires their amazing work Credits or subscriptions, we got you covered. We bring together thousands of photographers, illustrators, and videographers to provide “The World's Stock Photography at One Website Thousand of stock photos covering famous travel destinations, landmarks, landscapes & world cultures Our images can be used and modified for websites, web banners & headers, advertisements flyers, brochures, posters, power point presentations, book covers/pages, CD covers, smart phone applications, etc. Logo – Add a custom logo and favicon. It’s so easy to submit and we pay you 50% of every sale. Our ever growing collection covers a wide range of subjects and themes so you can always find the right image no matter your project.

We won't charge you more for better quality content. What's the difference between a Standard License and an Enhanced License? All plans come as a Standard license, and can be upgraded to an Enhanced license at any time. Our Standard license professional tips for identifying major issues in stock photography allows you to use images for anything, except large print runs over 500,000+ or for merchandising. Enhanced license should be for larger print runs or advertising. Do I have to pay more for high resolution images? Absolutely not.

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Apr 07

This Is Not About The Photographers Getting Off.

learn photography

It is more like poetry than porn, photographer and founder Donna Ferrato tells TIME. This is not a masturbation workshop. This is not about the photographers getting off. Photographers are forbidden to participate in the things they see. Photographers must learn to see what lies underneath without judgement and without staging pictures to suit their own desires. Ferrato, a self-described revolutionary who came of age in the late 1960s, says the workshop began as a push for gender equality. Revolution is in my blood, she says. And standing up for womens right is in my blood. She picked up the camera in the early 80s, creating work that culminated into Living With the Enemy , a haunting series depicting domestic violence as it happened. Years later, she launched a campaign encouraging women to leave abusive relationships and more recently, chronicled abortion clinics across the U.S. But beyond the dark underbelly of sex, she was also interested in the complex relationship between desire and pleasure. Documenting everything from swinger groups to S&M clubs to group marriages to partner swap parties in country clubs, she explored eroticism in its many forms. She worked with writer Claudia Dowling on a two-year project for Oxygen TV exploring sex lives on videotape, and followed a CNN series about what women want sexually.

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Twitter's The Best Way To Contact Him, Too.

bleehhhhhh Advanced PMS - This is the kind of camera you will want to start with. Note Megapixels are not the way to chose a camera. Photography can be a really expensive hobby, but you can build a lot of the equipment you want/need yourself. Then, you ...

Note: The Photos In The Composition Lesson Were Cropped Because They Didn't Fit, So Visit The Original Post To See Them In Their Entirety.

What happened anyway? More mega pixels does NOT mean a better picture. You Suck At Photoshop is free training and comedy rolled into one. Advanced PMS - This is the kind of camera you will want to start with.  Thanks for pointing that out. It's good to hear you've got something out of it, though. Twitter's the best way to contact him, too. I only recommend Nikon and Canon, and to explain this bias to people, I've invented The pod Analogy.

Please check the URL for proper spelling and capitalization. If you're having trouble locating a destination on Yahoo, try visiting the Yahoo home page or look through a list of Yahoo's online services . Also, you may find what you're looking for if you try searching below. Search the Web

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Mar 09

New Stock Photos from Colin Radford: Multicultural People

Colin Radford has just released a new set of People photos. Our world is becoming a multicultural melting-pot of people from all different races, ethnic groups and cultural backgrounds. Young or old, black or white, educated or not - each has a unique story to tell of their life and culture. You can read the full lightbox post here for full details and all the images.

Mar 09

Wheat crops in Australia Stock Images by Alf Manciagli

Alf Manciagli has just published a new set of stock images. Wheat was a key factor enabling the emergence of city-based societies at the start of civilization because it was one of the first crops that could be easily cultivated on a large scale, and had the additional advantage of yielding a harvest that provides long-term storage of food. Wheat contributed to the emergence of city-states, today China is the biggest producer with India second and the USA in third place. View the complete Agriculture photo set here

Mar 08

Travel Sights Stock Images by Kit Carson

Travel Sights is a new set of Travel images by Kit Carson. History and natural wonders await the traveler. Walking through a bazaar in a foreign land, exploring a medieval castle or relaxing on a sandy beach can all be yours in this collection of travel photographs. You can read the complete lightbox post here and view all the images.

Mar 08

New Photos of Cattle grazing and in saleyards

Cattle grazing and in saleyards is a new lightbox of Animals photos by Alf Manciagli. Cattle in saleyards, Cattle grazing. grazing cattle, mother and calves, cattle for sale, fat cattle, calves, Cattle in paddocks, cattle in Australia, Angus cattle, Hereford cattle, Charolais cattle. Check out the lightbox here to view all the images.You'll find the lightbox here to view all the images.

Mar 08

Travel Stock Photography by Jackie Bourn

Jackie Bourn has just published a new set of stock images. Lhasa is the capital of Tibet. This group of photos captures the aspects of the city that focus on the people, the Buddhist culture and the buildings associated with the Buddhist faith. Lhasa is a city of wonders and is the object of devout pilgrimage. The Potala Palace and Jokhang are two prominent sights but there are many places and people that catch the eye and interest. The city has 3 koras (pilgramage circuits), the Nangkhor, Barkhor and Lingkhor. There are many other Bhuddist temples. View the complete set of Tibet - Lhasa and surrounds stock images photos here

Mar 08

Lifestyle Photography by Colin Radford

Pets - Common and Exotic is a new photo lightbox that's been getting a lot of attention this week. Family pets come in all different shapes, sizes and species. The most common are dogs, cats, birds, fish and reptiles, although they may also include the exotic animals such as kangaroos or lemurs. This lightbox introduces some of the animal pets that have been part of our lives in recent years. You'll find the complete lightbox here to view all the images .

Mar 08

Here’s some more New Zealand South Island photos from Alf Manciagli

New Zealand South Island is a new photo gallery that's been getting a lot of attention on our site. Images of the Southern Island of New Zealand, Mount Cook, Milford Sound, Queenstown, Glenorchy, forests, adventure, Coronet Peak, Shotover river, shot over jet boat, fern, beach, sunrise, sunset, million dollar view, Arrowtown, dart river, Arrow river. You'll find the lightbox here for full details and all the images.

Mar 07

Apples varieties grown in Australia – A New Photo Set from Alf Manciagli

Apples varieties grown in Australia is a new photo gallery that's been getting a lot of attention lately. Apples in Australia where first planted in Tasmania in 1877 when William Bligh landed on Adventure Bay on Bruny Island. Apples are now grown in most parts of Australia. Tasmania still leads the way with Orange in NSW, Batlow, Lismore and many other parts of Australia. The most popular Apples are the new varieties of Gala Apples, the granny Smith apple is also popular, Bonza apples, red delicious are also grown. a large quantity are exported to Asia and the middle East. You'll find the main post here for full details and all the images.

Mar 06

Kimberley, Australia Photos

Kimberley, Australia is a new set of Landscape images by Michael WILKINS. The Kimberley region of northern Australia is an ancient and beautiful landscape of rich red earth, endless blue sky, spectacular rocky gorges and unique boab trees. During the wet season from November to April many roads are impassable, and for the remainder of the year the rivers and waterfalls slice through the gorges, attracting visitors from all parts of the world. You can read the original post here for full details and all the images.

Mar 06

New Photos from Chris Prior: Catherine Hill Bay Boardriders Club competition May 2015

Catherine Hill Bay Boardriders Club competition May 2015 is a new set of Lifestylestock images that's been getting a lot of attention this week. Defered from the previous week due to big angry seas, Catherine Hill Bay Boardriders Club eventually held it's monthly club competition once again on the boiler bank on the 9th of May in very trying conditions. Two metre waves all day with some bigger sets made paddling out difficult and sitting in the right spot very tricky. You can read the lightbox post here for full details and all the images.

Mar 05

New Darwin, tropical Australia Pictures

David C Hancock has just released a new lightbox of Travel stock photos. Darwin is the largest city on the north coast of Australia, and the only capital city in the tropics - it is closer to Jakarta and Asia than any other city in Australia. Darwin has a history of different races mixing to create a unique tropical culture with strong influences from European, Asian and Aboriginal people. Darwin is an outdoors city - with warm temperatures and perfect weather during the dry season and wild weather during the wet season. It has a very young, dynamic population. You can read the full lightbox post here and see all the images.

Mar 04

Kakadu in the Wet Season – A New Photo Set from David C Hancock

David C Hancock has just posted a new lightbox of Landscape stock photos. When the wet season comes to northern Australia around Christmas time, Kakadu National Park is very hard to get around by vehicle. Rain pours off the escarpment and fills the creeks and rivers to overflowing - they flood the plains and the otherwise dry landscape is inundated with moisture. This is a period of renewal, when the country recovers from seven months of dry, hot weather. Trees flower and fruit and it is a time of plenty for all creatures including animals and mankind. View the complete lightbox here for full details and all the images.

Mar 02

New Photos from Jeremy Wood: Otways and Apostles

Otways and Apostles is a new set of Landscape stock images that's been getting a lot of attention on our website. The Otways have one of the wettest climates in southern mainland of Australia. There are many waterfalls and dense forests. Cape Otway Lighthouse is one of our oldest. A bit further west the Shipwreck Coast has a famous series of cliffs, gorges and sea stacks. The '12 Apostles' being the most famous, even though there were never 12 and there are now really only 8. The whole area continues to erode relatively quickly, in 1990 'London Bridge' collapsed. You'll find the main post here for full details and all the images.

Mar 02

New Skyscapes Pictures

Skyscapes is a new photo lightbox that's been getting a lot of attention this week. What is a landscape without a sky? Blue skies, thunderous gloom, bushfire haze, signs of rain, cloud carpet from above, brilliant rainbows and sunsets, fireworks and dust. Cumulus, stratus, cirrus and all the combinations. Amazing colours, patterns & textures. You can read the main post here and see all the images.

Mar 02

New Photography by David C Hancock: Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park is a new set of Nature stock photos that's been getting a lot of attention recently. Kakadu National Park in the Top End of Australia, three hours from Darwin, is a World Heritage Area. Owned by the Bininj Aboriginal people and managed by Parks Australia, Kakadu is regarded as one of the great parks of the world encompassing complete eco systems - from the Arnhem Land plateau to the Timor Sea. More than two-thirds of Australia's bird species can be found in the park and many rare animals - such as the colourful Leichhardts grasshopper - exist within its borders View the original post here to see all the images.